Life Insurance Thoughts On My Being A Business Sole Proprietor

Please accept my sincerely apology for dying in the way I did as such an inappropriate time. Had I known this was going to happen surely I would have planned for you in a far greater way!

  1. I would have bought life insurance
  2. I would have a written plan for you
  3. I would have had a buyer for the business
  4. I would not have left you with such a burden
  5. I would have mapped out your future without me

Unfortunately I did none of the above and now I have left you with misery you never expected. About the only advice I can give you from the grave is this:

  1. Try to find a buyer for the business
  2. Don’t borrow money to keep it running
  3. If you can’t sell it, sell it piecemeal
  4. Don’t sign any new leases or rental agreements
  5. Call social security
  6. Close the bank accounts in my or company name and open up a new account at another bank in your name
  7. Depend upon only those you 100% absolutely trust
  8. Check our safety deposit box
  9. Call all accounts receivables in and, if you must discount the debt to a maximum of 50%
  10. Pay all our debts with what monies you have. Pay off everything
  11. Pay all our debts with what monies you have. Pay off everything
  12. Don’t borrow under any circumstances
  13. Call for military benefit
  14. Check to see if I had group insurance
  15. Don’t spend lavishly on my funeral
  16. Check to see if I had a will
  17. Check to see if I had a trust
  18. See if you can find anything I may have hid, especially cash
  19. If you have to go bankrupt make sure you find a reasonable attorney. Don’t try doing it yourself.
  20. Donate all my personal belongings to charity and take a tax deduction-clothing, tools, desk, etc
  21. Don’t make an error as I did go buy a life insurance policy so those you leave behind will have their future a bit less difficult

Yes again, please accept my apology for my error and why I did what I did is beyond my comprehension!

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