Life Insurance Thoughts On Those I Leave Behind Me Being Single

My deepest, dearest, sincere apology for not doing what I should have done for the dreadful day I died – buy life insurance so you wouldn’t be burdened with my undone stuff and what was left for you to deal with!

  1. My funeral and its exorbitant cost
  2. My bills that are unpaid
  3. My loans unpaid
  4. My car payment unpaid
  5. My home mortgage unpaid
  6. My clothing and what to do with it all
  7. My furniture
  8. My student loans unpaid
  9. My business not knowing what to do with it
  10. My internet websites and emails
  11. My BNK accounts
  12. My pension, ira, 401k
  13. All my stuff in my garage, shed, storage unit, closets, boxes and what to do with it all
  14. My will, trust and who to call
  15. My savings accounts
  16. The money I have hidden no one will find
  17. My kids and who will raise them as I would have
  18. All I left undone and thought all was so important
  19. All I wish I had said, done, all left undone

Well, as you can see I left you with a load you never thought in a million years you would have to carry and yes, life insurance would have made the loss a bit easier but like most, I thought I was way smarter than is now proven I wasn’t! Again, accept my sincere apology for what I have done to make your journey a lot tougher than you expected! I pray you can forgive my mistake! Don’t forget to check out this:

  1. My social security benefits
  2. My military benefits
  3. My bank accounts if you can locate
  4. My pension asset is you can find
  5. My group insurance if I had any

Thank you even from the grave. I am deeply appreciative for what you’re doing or going to do on my behalf. Thank you!

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