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Life Insurance Thoughts To Key-Person Coverage

As your key person, please know I did not intend to die as I have! Yes, my sincerest apology for not impacting on you the value of my service to your company! But all that is water under the bridge except I can warn you to not make the same error twice.

Whomever it is that you feel has value to your company I urge you with as much as I can even from this grave to make sure you purchase life insurance for what loss it would impact on your company. I am assuming my loss has had an impact?

  1. Dealing with my family
  2. Dealing with all my undone work
  3. Dealing with my ideas unfulfilled
  4. Cleaning out my office and now knowing why I had what I had in my office
  5. Trying to find a replacement as good as I was to your company
  6. trying to finish the projects I left undone

So yes, I am sorry you didn’t think I had enough value for you to buy life insurance on my life, so please, don’t make the same error again!

Key Employee

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