Life Insurance Thoughts To My Beneficiaries Whoever That May Be

To those who have know me I plead with you to try to understand why I did what I did with my life by committing suicide. That to me was the only way out of a situation I got myself in and to others who would say there had to be another way which, of course, I was blind to if there were such! I am not going to go into all the reasons I did what I did as those will go to the grave with me so the purpose of this last note is to share with you my thoughts with the days to come

  1. Do not spend a dime more than absolutely needed to bury me, cremate me, donate my body and brain to a college that accepts such
  2. Do not grieve over my doing what I did, it was a pure and simple choice I alone made
  3. Check with the social security to see if any benefits are due, my social security number is _________________________
  4. Check with the military department to see if there are any benefits, my number was _________________________
  5. Call my insurance agent to check to see if I had a group life policy or maybe even another life insurance policy I had forgotten about that may be in force. Their phone is _________________________
  6. I had some debts, don’t pay them off as it’s not your obligation and my credit score is no longer an issue and if a debt is owed on my car loan, give it to the creditor
  7. Donate all my belongings to your favorite charity-car, motorcycle, tools, furniture, clothing and toss all that has no value to a charity
  8. Don’t spend money on an obituary news article. My death doesn’t warrant such
  9. I would had written a letter to family, friends, but I thought this note would surfice

Thank you for what you’re doing on my behalf. Know that even after death one can be appreciative. The best of luck in your endeavors on my behalf.

Thank you

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P.S. Please forgive me for not being better organized in the last chapter of my life. Had I known I was going to do this to myself surely I would have bought life insurance two years prior so that the suicide exclusion would not be in effect. My apologies. Thank you for you.

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