Life Insurance Thoughts To My Family

Please, please accept my deepest, sincerest apology for not doing what I should have done while I had the opportunity – providing for your financial needs if I wasn’t here to do so! And now that I am out of the picture it seems my error will haunt you and your future, so again please accept my apology and, of course, you ask within yourself, “why didn’t he/she?” and here are my illogical answers which defy common sense!

—Life Insurance —

  1. I didn’t think/plan on dying
  2. I didn’t think it was a priority
  3. I didn’t think we could afford it
  4. I thought it was a waste of money
  5. I didn’t take time to look into it
  6. I didn’t understand the concept
  7. I didn’t get asked to buy it
  8. I didn’t consider your futures
  9. I didn’t think about how you will survive
  10. I didn’t think I would die in debt
  11. I didn’t plan for what has happened
  12. I thought I was smarter than this
  13. I ignored your future without me

I was simply in error in my wrong thinking as my thoughts were:

  1. Our monies can be used better?
  2. You will get social security?
  3. You have some monies in our bank accounts?
  4. You can get food stamps?
  5. You can go on welfare?
  6. You can have car washes?
  7. You can ask relatives and friends to help you?
  8. You can be employed?
  9. You will work through this as always?
  10. I think I have some job group insurance?
  11. I think I have some veterans benefits?
  12. I think I wrote a will?
  13. I think we had a trust?
  14. I think I left you some notes somewhere?

but now that I am no longer here to help you sort out things here is at least a list of challenges facing you:

  1. My funeral cost
  2. The mortgage on the house/payments
  3. The credit card debt
  4. The auto debt
  5. The bank loan we took out/debt
  6. The monthly income and lack of it
  7. The daily grind without me
  8. The load to carry without me
  9. All I left undone for you to deal with
  10. All the stuff I left you to deal with
  11. Monthly rental cost
  12. Taxes you may owe
  13. Bills I left unpaid

just know please, “had I known all this was going to happen I surely would have made far better plans for you than I have.” I am sorry!

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P.S. Please again accept my error in what is now going to be a massive change in the way you were used to living out your daily journey!

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